cellarguard system

Winery Sanitation Made Simple

A Technology Feature Article Technology: CellarGuard System Type: Winery Sanitation The CellarGuard system from CellarGroup is a range of commercial-grade cleaning and sanitation products, specifically for use in wineries, breweries and foodservice areas. Each product has MAF approval and so are safe to use in all these areas.   Cleanskin24 by CellarGuard Hand Sanitiser &…

Technologies in Tandem

Technologies in Tandem

A Technology Feature Article Technology: ReSoul Aroma Capture Type: Aroma Capture Technologies As New Zealand’s leading provider of mobile production technologies to the wine industry, Vintech Pacific’s services are all focused on quality outcomes. Vintech Pacific rigorously research, test and invest in specialised new technology and equipment, to provide a range of the latest process…


Flash Détente

An evolution of thermovinification for red wines, in flash détente, de-stemmed grapes are heated to 80-85 ᵒC then immediately pumped into a vacuum chamber where flash vaporisation of water inside the vacuoles of the grapes skins, causes them to explode, releasing all the pigments contained within, while avoiding the jammy characteristics of thermovinified wines.


STARS-XF: A Case Study

STARSXF describes the process of both stabilizing and filtering wine, in one pass, often immediately prior to bottling or bulk tankering. This process has been shown to be highly efficient in terms of time, energy consumption and both reduces the use of additives and reduces process losses over alternative methods.  This technology saves time and…


New Zealand Trials of FreeK+ Ion Transfer Technology Begin

Vintech Pacific’s Technical Winemaker, Christian Kuun, has been conducting on-site trials this week with the Agrovin mini-Freek+ trial unit that arrived in the country recently. This small-scale technology demonstration unit processes as little as 200 litres, which is often sufficient to treat a 2,000 litre batch of wine, is now available for on-site demonstration of our new ion transfer capabilities.