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Molecular Imprinted Polymers

Image © Vintech Pacific

MIPs is an established technology for the targeted removal of specific molecular compounds. With its origins in the pharmacuetical industry, used for harvesting valuable compounds, MIPs have been developed for the wine industry by New Zealand firm amaea and are available in New Zealand exclusively from Vintech Pacific.

MIPs technology employs Molecular Imprinted Polymers, a smart filtration medium uniquely designed to selectively capture molecules from liquids.

Each MIP surface contains countless binding sites allowing precise fitting of target molecules into the binding pockets during filtration. This selective process ensures removal of undesirable components, preserving the integrity of desirable molecules. The outcome is an improvement in the sensory profile of the wine.

This process can be used in:

  • Sustainable Fining
    Replace fining agents such as bentonite, casein, gelatine and isinglass, to lower costs, improve yield and reduce waste streams.
  • Upgrade of Pressings
    Reduce bitterness and astringency while improving the overall wine quality.
  • Brettanomyces Removal
    Low-impact removal of brettanomyces.