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Memstar Sterile Filtration

Image © Vintech Pacific

Sterile filtration involves filtration of wine with a tight enough membrane to capture yeasts and bacteria. This is increasingly specified by customers in many export markets and is often deemed necessary in wines that contain either residual sugars (glucose or fructose) or malic acid, which are common food sources for yeasts and bacteria.

VAF Memstar Sterile Filtration

Vintech Pacific’s new Memstar Sterile Filter is a mobile, skid-mounted unit with a capacity of 30,000 litres per hour, making it ideal for rapid, inline filling of flexis.

This unit is provides the Australasian standard for sterile filtration via absolute 0.45 µm

A boiler for sterilisation CIP of the membranes and membrane itegrity testing facilities are

Further, this unit can be used inline with our Oxi-Out unit for dissolved gas management,
providing surity of both sterility and dissolved gas specification in a single pass.

  • Mobile to the winery door, anywhere in NZ.
  • 30,000 L per hour capacity.
  • Absolute 0.45 µm membranes.
  • Built-in membrane sterilisation & integrity
  • Can operate with Oxi-Out for inline dissolved
    gas management.