Continuous Distillation

Vintech Pacific Limited can produce superb quality, high-proof grape spirits from a range of winery resources.

Products such as strip-water from alcohol adjustment, permeate from RO concentration, or compromised wine stock can be transformed into the purest form of grape-based alcohol available; Truly neutral sprit providing smooth, harmonious wine integration
Our high-quality, column distillation process provides the purest quality spirit which can be used for:

  • Brandy production.
  • Grappa & Pisco production.
  • Wine fortification.
  • Stop fermentation for Port-style wines.
  • Cellar and equipment spot-sanitizing.
  • Herbal extract & tincture production.
  • Flavour extract production.
  • Natural perfume & body-care production.

Please contact us to discuss non-saleable wine parcels for disposal or to have your own stock processed and the spirit returned to your winery.