ReSoul by Agrovin

Imagine having at your disposal a tool that could greatly enhance your options with regard to the expression of aroma in the wines your create. And that this tool created these options literally out of thin air!

This is precisely what Vintech Pacific’s new ReSoul Aroma Capture technology, from Agrovin, achieves.

The Resoul system provides a practical and effective method to capture aromatic compounds during alcoholic fermentation and to store and reintroduce those aromas at a later stage, such as at bottling.

CO2 which is produced naturally during alcoholic fermentation is captured from the fermentation vessel and undergoes a two-stage refrigeration to very low temperature. This process condenses out the aromatic molecules into two fractions, the second more concentrated than the first.

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The system, as currently available in New Zealand, can process up to 200,000 litres at a time, undergoing primary fermentation. Each litre of must results in the recovery of approximately 0.3-0.5ml of aromas and alcohol. The first fraction is a liquid composed of aromas and ~20 percent alcohol. The second fraction yields another product with aromas and ~60 percent alcohol, all produced from gasses that have hitherto gone to waste.

This extract can be stored and blended back into the wine at a later date, at a rate of between five and 20 millilitres per 100 litres of wine. The time of addition and the precise ratio are at the discretion of the winemaker and his team, in order to achieve their desired results.

With ReSoul aroma compounds that are only present during fermentation can be captured, preserved and reintroduced to create uniquely expressive wines and equally unique marketing opportunities.