Oxi-Out by Agrovin

Oxi_Out uses a selective molecular membrane to control gases dissolved in wine. The technology consists of specific molecular sieves for low molecular weight gases, such as O2 and CO2. These gasses can be added or removed using either an inert gas carrier or a vacuum. Although the inert gas never contacts the wine, the partial pressure difference on either side of the membrane is exploited for gas exchange.

Oxi_Out can be used at any time when control of dissolved gases is of interest, such as…

  • At the filter output after tartaric stabilisation
  • After racking wine from barrels to blend, when the saturation point of dissolved oxygen can be reached
  • After loading and unloading tanks for shipping
  • During bottling.

Oxi_Out enables control of dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide content in wines at any stage of the wine making process. By various methods we can…

  • Eliminate O2 and large quantities of CO2
  • Eliminate O2 and small quantities of CO2
  • Eliminate O2 by adding small quantities of CO2
  • Eliminate O2 while wine is saturated with CO2
  • If required, wines can be oxygenated up to the desired level.

Vintech Pacific’s Oxi_Out system is due to arrive in New Zealand in late May 2018 and will undergo trials in Auckland. It is expected to enter service shortly there-after.

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Technical Resources

Oxi_Out Technical Data Sheet
Oxygen Management

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