Spinning Cone Distillation
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Spinning Cone Column distillation occurs under vacuum so the temperatures reached are much lower and for far shorter periods than with other more traditional distillation technologies. Being far more gentle, spinning cone is ideal for many wine and beer making applications.

The Spinning Cone Column can be used to gently extract desirable volatile compounds such as esters during fermentation. These compounds which may otherwise naturally denature during the production process, can be captured to be later recombined into the finished wine or beer, enhancing the organoleptic profile.

Other applications include…

  • De-alcoholisation of wine and beer.
  • Alcohol adjustment for improved balance.
  • Sulphur removal from grape juice.
  • Production of aromatic and flavour extracts for product innovation.

One of the many commercial applications for this unique technology is alcohol removal from full-strength beer, for the production of Non-Alcoholic Beer (NAB) and Low-Alcohol Beer (LAB).

Traditional techniques for producing NAB or LAB have a number of undesirable aspects, including:

  • Production of inferior quality due to high thermal impact.
  • High utility consumption requirements or large effluent streams.
  • Complicated production process requiring degassing or an additional filtration.


In contrast, the key benefits of the Spinning Cone Column technology for producing NAB are:

  • Reduction of alcohol to 0.05% abv. in a single pass with no product damage.
  • Significantly lower utility consumption compared to alternative systems.
  • No external reflux, limiting residence time, avoids exposure to elevated temperatures.
  • No concentration of the beer during dealcoholisation (no makeup water required).
  • Ability to process unfiltered beer, increases productivity by removal of a filtration step.
  • No need to de-gas the feed beer prior to de-alcoholisation.
  • Option to recover beer aroma from alcoholic condensate.
  • Multipurpose plant that can produce both NAB and LAB products.
  • Steam is produced by means of a pure steam generator.
  • High strength and high quality spirit is produced during alcohol removal.
  • Hygienic design with full Clean-In-Place (CIP) capabilities.
  • No effluent problems.

Spinning Cone Columns are now installed in several breweries for the production of premium quality NAB and LAB products.

Technical Resources

Spinning Cone Application Bulletin
Beer – NAB & LAB Production

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Dealcoholized Wines by Spinning Cone Column Distillation
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