Perseo Ultrasound

When harvest time is compressed and tank-space is at a premium, Perseo enables the rapid yet gentle extraction of the aromatic, polyphenolic and colour potential of grapes through the use of ultrasound.

Perseo UltrasoundPerseo is the no-input, no-additive way to increase wine potential. With this technique, neither heat nor chemical treatments, which can negatively effect the product are involved and maceration times are dramatically reduced.

Perseo employs ultrasound to induce cavitation in the grape cells, where the implosion of microbubbles releases energy to gently extract polyphenols, colour and aromatic compounds.

Benefits of this technology include…

• Rapid collection of maximum polyphenolic potential.
• Improved colour in red wines.
• Greater aromatic qualities in wines.
• No extraction or use of undesirable compounds.
• Brief maceration and contact with seeds avoids extraction of green tannins.
• Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
• No temperature increase.
• Quick to install and easy to use.

The Perseo System is built exclusively from 316 grade stainless steel with various power levels available depending on the quantity of raw material being treated.

Each Perseo System includes eight cavitation cells for the extraction process to occur. All processes are controlled by a management and control system to help visualize and set variables within the extraction process.

The Perseo System was honoured by the European Commission in 2015:
‘Eco-Innovative Maceration System Based on LFHP Ultrasound Technology for Winemaking’ (ULTRAWINE, GRANT AGREEMENT number 672309) with the Horizon 2020 Program through the PYME mechanism.

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