Filtration & Membrane Services
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Our filtration and membrane technologies can provide options for ‘surgical’ adjustments, down to the molecular level.

From the tried and true RDV, to the latest crossflow, ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis membrane technologies capable of taint compound removal and de-alcoholisation.

Crossflow Filtration


In Crossflow filtration, wine passes tangentially across a membrane with a known permeability. This largely eliminates ‘filter-caking’ experienced with traditional ‘dead-end’ filtration methods and means Crossflow is a continuous rather than batch process.

In one step, crossflow clarifies the wine and renders it microbiologically stable for bottling.

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Microstar Mobile Laboratory

Microstar Mobile Laboratory

Microstar is a portable laboratory demonstration of reverse osmosis and ultrfiltration technologies. Our operator brings the suitcase-sized Microstar unit to your winery lab to test the outcome of various membrane processes on a preliminary five-litre sample of your wine.

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Ultrafiltration technology is offered in New Zealand exclusively by Vintech Pacific. This is an advanced membrane technology that allows the ultra fine-tuning of wine, particularly by the selective adjustment of aroma, flavour, tannin and colour compounds in wine.

With ultrafiltration, only a portion of the wine may need to be treated to economically improve the quality. There is simply no other quality improvement method that offers so much versatility.

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Memstar Reverse Osmosis


Memstar (Membrane Seperation Treatment And Removal) is a family of membrane-based processes for adjusting wine composition and enhancing quality. These technologies are offered in New Zealand as on-site services exclusively by Vintech Pacific.

In general, Memstar Reverse Osmosis is used to “surgically” remove a low-molecular-weight constituent of the wine with minimal changes in the rest of the wine’s composition.

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Rotary Drum Vacuum Filtration


The RDV filtration process recovers juice and wine from lees that would otherwise be discarded. As much as 80 percent of juice from lees that was once dumped down the drain can now be kept – all adding to yield per tonne of grapes harvested.

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Alfa Magic Filtration

Alfa Magic

Vintech Pacific’s mobile Alfa Magic filtration unit is ideal for the recovery of usable wine or juice from juice lees, bentonite lees, racking lees, barrel lees and fermenting wine.

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