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As a trusted name in the New Zealand Wine Industry for twenty years, Vintech Pacific supplies high-quality, respected ingredients and additions for New Zealand’s wine producers.

Juiceworks Grape Juice Concentrate

Juiceworks concentrated grape juice is made from New Zealand grape juice that is clarified to Juiceworks specifications and then concentrated through an evaporation process to produce liquid concentrated grape sugar at 68º brix.

Juiceworks is the only supplier of high-quality concentrated grape juice manufactured in New Zealand.

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VitaStim Winery Waste Water Treatment

VitaStim Winery Waste Water Treatment

New VitaStim Winery Waste Water Treatment introduces micronutrients and biostimulants to significantly enhance BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) reduction, keeping bacteria thriving in low food conditions, bringing winery waste water back into compliance, while lowering the need for maintenance and allowing for the reuse of water.

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