Sanitation Services
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As Peynaud wrote, “Cleanliness is a basic condition for quality. The whole of enological science would be to no avail if the work itself were done in places that were dirty.”

Our sanitation technologies provide peace of mind that your product integrity is assured.

Ozone Barrel Wash & Sanitation

Ozone Barrel Santiation

Ozone has been used in wineries since the early 1990s as an alternative to sanitisers like chlorines and sulphur dioxide.

This technology provides the added benefits of reducing water usage, power consumption, and chemical treatment and because ozone rapidly decays to normal diatomic oxygen (02), it leaves absolutely no toxic residue.

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Cellarguard Winery Sanitation


CellarGuard is the tough, invisible, long-lasting, food-safe antimicrobial sanitisation and protection solution that will keep your winery spotless!

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