Stabilisation Services
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Our stabilisation technologies provide superior product stability faster and with significant energy savings.

Stabilisation involves the removal insoluble matter in suspension and material which can over time, form tartrates and precipitates in finished wine, which are harmless, yet which consumers may find unappealing. Vintech Pacific’s mobile technologies provide the latest methods for the effective and energy efficient temperature and microbial stabilisation of both grape juice and wine.

STARS Electrodialysis


Vintech Pacific’s mobile STARS (Selective Tartrate Removal System) technology uses electo-dialysis effectively and very efficiently render wines tartrate stable, on-demand, while delivering substantial energy savings.

STARS is also an effective tool for adjusting pH or sulphur levels and for removing chloride.

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FreeK+ Ion Transfer


This new system uses advanced ion transfer technology to effectively remove potassium, rendering must and wine effectively tartrate stable. Calcium and other metal cations, such as copper and iron, can also be reduced.  FreeK+ is highly efficient, often requiring just ten percent of the total volume of must or wine to be treated to gain effective results.

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Flash Pasteurisation

Flash Pasteurisation

Flash Pasteurisation is a sophisticated technical process where either juice or wine is held for 30 seconds at a temperature up to 80 degrees Celsius and then taken back to normal temperature “in a flash”.

This process can be used to provide microbial stability to unfermented grape juice, allowing it to be transported or stored for extended periods with negligible risk of fermentation or spoilage.

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