Vintech Pacific has formed an alliance with one of the leading names in the global wine industry, Spanish technology giant, Agrovin. As of 2019, Vintech Pacific is exclusive New Zealand and Australia agent for Agrovin’s cutting-edge wine production technologies.

Agrovin is involved in Research, Developments & Innovation projects with the most important Wineries, Research Centers and Universities in the wine world. The fruits of this effort are exhibited in their technology designs which to increase control of the process of winemaking and generate increased value for our customers.

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Guy Rutledge
Managing Director
Vintech Pacific Wine Technologies
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Agrovin Winemaking Technologies


Liquid Dosage

Pyxis: Equipment for the dosage of liquid SO2 solutions, providing simplicity, versatility, and precision.  [more…]


Ultrasound Extraction

Perseo: A technique developed for rapidly extracting a grape’s polyphenolic and aromatic potential while respecting the raw material quality.  [more…]


Pumpover in Tank

Ulises: An innovative system capable of converting any traditional tank into an automatic vinificator. Temperature, density, electrochemical potential, and pumping over are monitored and controlled so winemakers are aware of specific values at certain moments and the evolution of these values over time.  [more…]


Gas Management

Oxi_Out: Equipment that selectively removes gases of low molecular weight (oxygen, nitrogen or carbon dioxide) with molecular sieves. Up to 97% of dissolved oxygen can be extracted depending on the mode of operation and work flow.  [more…]

DosiOX: Apparatus delivering extremely accurate oxygen-dosages to be used in micro, macro, or variable-oxygenation conditions. The DosiOX is user-friendly, programmable, and efficient, incorporating considerable amount of oxygen in a few minutes.  [more…]


Redox Potential

ElectroWine: Equipment used to measure electrochemical or REDOX potential. Redox potential measurement in oenology allows winemakers to predict if a wine is at risk of oxidation or reduction.  [more…]


Cationic Exchange

Freek+: Equipment based on the principle of Ion Exchange that consists of the replacement of ions of the same sign between a mobile phase, the must, and a stationary phase, the resin, through their functional groups. The HL2 delivers improved colour clarity through decreasing the colour of must, without adverse effects.  [more…]


Ionic Exchange

HL2: A revolutionary technique for the reduction of potassium in wine and partially fermented must. The principle of the FreeK+ system is based on Cationic Exchange, the most efficient of all existing techniques for the removal of K+.  [more…]