Oenodia STARS

Vintech Pacific are exclusive New Zealand sales agents for Oenodia STARS technology for tartaric stabilisation and pH adjustment.

STARS from Oenodia is the zero-additive, energy efficient way to guarantee tartaric stability, control pH, adjust sulphur levels or remove chloride.

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Guy Rutledge
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Vintech Pacific Wine Technologies
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Oenodia Electrodialysis Technologies

Oenodia’s STARS (Selective Tartrate Removal System) technology very efficiently and effectively renders wines tartrate stable, on-demand. It can be used for pH adjustments in red wines to lower pH and increase colour, brightening the wines and where sulphur levels are very high, STARS can reduce total sulphur to manageable levels. Chloride (as sodium salt or straight chloride) can also be removed.

The process, jointly developed by INRA, the French National Agronomic Research Institute, and Eurodia Industrie is a form of electrodialysis.

Use of this technology is recognised by the International Wine Office (OIV) as “good practice” and has been approved for commercial use by the European Union for all types of wines, including AOC wines, as well as in the USA and other countries.