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Vintech Pacific is the exclusive New Zealand sales agent for Separator Technology Solutions (STS), an Australian manufacturer of high performance, self-cleaning, disk-type centrifuge systems, ideal for the clarification of juice, must, lees, wine and even beer.

A key advantage of the STS system over older centrifuges is a very low oxygen pick-up, as low as 0.02mg of oxygen per litre of wine or beer.

For example, The STS45 model is a disk-type centrifuge with the efficiency to process entire tanks of juice or wine, including the lees. This system ejects solids at a concentration of ~ 95% v/v, so that no further product recovery is necessary by lees filter or RDV.

This superior method to manage solids and to eliminate the need for racking of juices and wines, avoids consequent product losses and quality-value downgrades.

For more information, please contact…

Guy Rutledge
Managing Director
Vintech Pacific Wine Technologies
Mobile: 021 783 236

Other benefits include…

  • Removes solids from white juice instantly
  • Reduced fining and settling time
  • No cold settling or SO2 needed
  • Removal of yeast to arrest fermentation
  • Efficiently removes proteins bound to bentonite
  • Increased filter life
  • Reduce wine loss to lees


STS systems will efficiently handle a broad range of winery products…

  • Whole juice
  • White wine ex primary ferment
  • Bentonite lees
  • Arrested ferments, late harvest and botrytis styles
  • Red wine ex primary ferment
  • Gross red lees
  • Red wine ex malo-lactic ferment
  • Wines ex cold stabilisation
  • Coarse polishing prior to cross-flow

Technical Resources

STS45 Model Brochure

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STS95 Model Brochure

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STS200 Model Brochure

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STS500 Model Brochure

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