VAF Memstar

In addition to our on-site professional service, Vintech Pacific are New Zealand sales agents for VAF Memstar, offering the same innovative RO and Ultrafiltration equipment for sale.

Considering the benefits equipment purchase for your own wine business needs?

Vintech Pacific offers VAF Memstar RO and Ultrafiltration technology and we like to work with our clients on how to best program strategies for the adoption of this equipment into your winery.

For more information, please contact…

Guy Rutledge
Managing Director
Vintech Pacific Wine Technologies
Mobile: 021 783 236

VAF Memstar Wine Adjustment Technologies


  • Volatile Acidity Reduction
  • Wine Concentration
  • Brett (4EP & 4EG) Reduction
  • Alcohol Correction, Adjustment and Removal
  • Phenolic Adjustment (through Ultrafiltration)
  • TCA Cork Taint Removal
  • Smoke Taint Removal
  • Evaluation & Trial Equipment