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Grape Spirit & Distillates

Image © Vintech Pacific

Vintech Distillates manufactures and markets high quality New Zealand grape spirit, and a range of aromas and flavours as ingredients for food and beverage manufacture.

We employ our market leading technologies to provide the food and drinks industries with quality, innovative ingredients.

  • Gin production
  • Brandy production
  • Grappa & Pisco production
  • Wine fortification
  • Stop fermentation for Port-style wines
  • RTD drinks manufacturing
  • 44% abv

From vintage 2023 onwards, we will add Sauvignon Blanc grape spirit to our product offering, providing an ideal base for crafting ultra-premium gin and other flavoured spirits.

  • Innovative Beverages & RTDs
  • Spirit Botanicals & Flavours
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Herbal Extracts and Tinctures
  • Natural perfume & body-care production