Vintech Pacific - Technology Solutions for the Wine Industry

Vintech Pacific Limited are New Zealand’s leading provider of mobile production technologies to the wine industry.

In 1998, we introduced ozone barrel sterilisation to New Zealand and since then, the company has grown steadily.  In 2011, we changed our name and rebranded as Vintech Pacific Wine Technologies.

We now offer services across all aspects of the winemaking process with technologies for clarification, extraction, stabilisation, filtration, distillation, sanitation and winemaking ingredients.

Today, Vintech Pacific is administered from our head office in Gisborne and has regional bases in Auckland, Napier, Blenheim and Cromwell.

Our Technology Services

Vintech Pacific’s services are all focused on quality outcomes that preserve and enhance quality in fruit and throughout the winemaking process.

We rigorously research, test and invest in specialised new technology and equipment, to provide a range of the latest process innovations as mobile services, direct to the winery door, across New Zealand’s wine regions.

Our equipment is delivered, set-up on-site, operated then cleaned-down and removed by our team of skilled and experienced Wine Technicians.

Clarification Services

Our clarification technologies gently remove solids and particulate matter from both juice and wine, delivering bright, pristine fruit flavours New Zealand wine are renown for.  Read more

Juice & Wine Recovery Services

With wine values at an all-time high, it makes good sense to recover every litre possible from juice lees, bentonite lees, racking lees, barrel lees and fermenting wine. Read more

Extraction Services

Vintech Pacific’s extraction technologies help to save time and resources while enhancing colour, improving flavour and texture and preserving quality.  Read more

Aroma Capture Services

The Resoul system provides a practical and effective method to capture aromatic compounds during alcoholic fermentation and to store and reintroduce those aromas at a later stage, such as at bottling. Read more

Stabilization Services

Our stabilization technologies provide superior product stability faster and with significant  energy savings.  Read more

Filtration & Membrane Services

Our filtration and membrane technologies can provide options for ‘surgical’ adjustments, down to the molecular level.  Read more

Dissolved Gas Management Services

The significance of dissolved gases in wine is enormous. O2 is the major factor for oxidation in wine, and CO2 provides major support for the sensory quality, while nitrogen affects foaming. Read more

Alcohol Adjustment & Removal Services

The latest distillation technologies provide wine and drinks producers with a whole new palette in the production of beverages, for preserving flavours and for creating products.  Read more

Sanitation Services

As Peynaud wrote, “Cleanliness is a basic condition for quality.” Our sanitation technologies provide peace of mind that your product integrity is assured.  Read more

Winemaking Ingredients

A trusted name in the New Zealand Wine Industry for twenty years, Vintech Pacific supplies high-quality, respected ingredients and additions for New Zealand’s wine producers.  Read more

Wastewater Treatment

Vintech Pacific has the tools to help New Zealand’s wine industry meet and exceed environmental requirements and ensure our reputation for sustainability and environmental care. Read more

Latest News

The latest news and updates from Vintech Pacific.

Rothschild Heritage Buys Akarua

Parisian investment firm Edmond de Rothschild Heritage has agreed to purchase Central Otago winery Akarua for an undisclosed sum.

Celebrating Hawke’s Bay Wine

Vintech Pacific is proud to continue its long-term relationship and sponsorship of the commercial wine category at the Bayley’s Hawkes Bay Wine Awards.   Visit the Bayley’s Hawke’s Bay Wine Awards website:  CLICK HERE

Alcohol-Free Wine: Is It Really Wine? – Ask Decanter

There’s increasing interest in and demand for low- and no-alcohol beverages that might offer a good alternative to wine, beer and spirits in times of moderation. The category still causes confusion though, with consumers puzzled by the terms used and the processes involved in the production of alcohol-free products.

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