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Who Stands to Inherit NZ’s Wine Industry?

Market News

04 Apeil 2024
By Sarah Neish in The Drinks Business

With international companies increasingly snapping up New Zealand vineyards, and Māori communities fighting for their slice of the land, who will inherit the country’s wine trade in years to come? Sarah Neish reports.

WHEN A business is worth more than £1.1 billion in global export value sales, it inevitably emits a megawatt beacon to international investors, who come hopping and pecking like glossy-winged magpies drawn to a sparkling jewel. As one of the wine trade’s most glittering gems, with 421 million bottles shipped out of the country last year (according to NZ Winegrowers), New Zealand attracts more magpies than most. [READ MORE…]

Inherit NZ’s Wine Industry
[Image: NZ Winegrowers]

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