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Colin Ford

New Perseo UltraSound

New Ultrawine Perseo from Agrovin uses ultrasound to enhance the extraction of colour precursors, aromatic precursors and polyphenols from grapes. Perseo can halve maceration times when used in the production of red wines while improving overall quality in both reds and whites.

Vintech Pacific Wine Technologies

Technology Sales

Vintech Pacific is the exclusive agent for Agrovin Winemaking Technologies and Equipment in New Zealand and Australia.
With Agrovin, we provide wineries with high-tech oenological solutions that preserve every last detail of the winemaking process. Research, development and innovation are the cornerstones on which winemaking’s future is being built.

Vintech Pacific Wine Technologies

Winemaking Products

Vintech Pacific is the exclusive distributor of Agrovin Winemaking Products in New Zealand and Australia.
Agrovin provides the highest quality winemaking materials, equipment and services for every step of the production and test processes. The product range includes fining agents, stabilizers, fermentation nutrients for winemaking and more.

Vintech Pacific Wine Technologies

Low & No Alcohol Wines

Vintech Pacific’s operates two identical Spinning Cone Column units for the production of Low & No Alcohol Wines, for our clients.
Our SCC in Napier, Hawke’s Bay services North Island producers and our new SCC in Blenheim, Marlborough is available to South Island customers.

Vintech Pacific Wine Technologies

Mobile Services

Our Services Vintech Pacific’s services are all focused on quality outcomes that preserve and enhance quality in fruit and throughout the winemaking process. We rigorously research, test and invest in specialised new technology and equipment, to provide a range ofRead More »Mobile Services