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amaea and Vintech Pacific partnership set to strengthen NZ’s position as world-class wine producers

Partnership Announcement

25 April 2024
By Amaea and Vintech Pacific Limited


amaea and Vintech Pacific partnership set to strengthen NZ’s position as world-class wine producers.

HAMILTON, NZ, 29 April 2024 – New Zealand wine has cultivated and solidified its place on the global stage. Recognised as a benchmark producer for several wine styles, it is a position Kiwi wineries are immensely proud of.

To build on this momentum, New Zealand wine technology company, amaea have partnered with Vintech Pacific Limited to ensure local wineries have unbridled access to its world leading technology.

amaea’s molecular filtration system is uniquely designed to target the removal of specific molecules and molecular compounds from wine. This enables winemakers to remediate and fine-tune the sensory profile of their wines with precision – and with minimal waste.

“Our system specifically targets removing the phenolic compounds impacting the sensory profile of wine. By only removing what is needed, the varietal character and body of wine is retained,” says Market Development Lead, Jonathan Engle.

“The beauty of our technology is that it is simple to execute. The filtration system is built for minimal impact. It can replace single-use fining agents and traditional remediation processes that have high-volume waste streams and operational inefficiencies intrinsically linked with them.

Our technology gives winemakers the control they need to balance wine with artisanal intent while providing them with a more economical and environmentally sustainable way to do so.”

“amaea’s technology is undoubtedly breaking new ground in the world of science and winemaking. We are delighted to be able to bring this technology to the New Zealand wine industry who are already leading the way as world-class producers,’ says Guy Rutledge, Managing Director of Vintech Pacific.


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